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From traditional field scouting and seed delivery to advanced biologicals and digital solutions, we’re here to help all year long.


  • Bulk Tenders

    Keep your planters rolling and increase efficiency with the latest in bulk seed handlers.

  • Aerial Application

    We work with local aerial applicators to get your products on your fields when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Need a high-performance seed tender? We let our growers use our seed tenders to deliver bulk seed to their fields.

  • Seed Treatment

    With LumiGEN™ seed treatment, you can plant with confidence. Because your seedlings will have advanced protection against pests, disease, and uncertain soil conditions during the early growth period.

  • Soil Sampling

    Do you know your soil’s nutrient-holding capacity? When we sample your soil, we’ll use scientific processes to determine this information, giving you a solid foundation for sound land management decisions.

  • Nutrient Management Plans

    Want to get every possible benefit from the nutrients used in your operation? We’ll work with you to create a cost-effective plan that balances soil nutrient inputs with crop requirements — all while minimizing waste and runoff.

  • Grill Master

    If you’re a grill master when not in the field, we have you covered. Come in and browse our selection of Traeger grills and accessories.

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